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BFRP (Basalt Rock-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer) Reinforcement Bar


KODIAK FRP is the only US manufacturer of specification quality BASALT REBAR -Since 2013- 100% Made in the USA.
BFRP (Basalt fiber reinforces polymer) rebar is deformed rod used as high strength, non corrosive concrete reinforcement. Also sometimes referred to as Basalt rock rebar, Rock Rebar or BFRP rebar. Both, high strength glass and Basalt rock FRP rebar hold tremendous advantage over steel, galvanized steel & epoxy-coated steel rebar in key physical and characteristic properties.
KODIAK Basalt Rock Rebar has the advantage of being a little lighter than glass, a little higher tensile strength than common e-glass. Weight is less than 25% the weight of steel with more than 200% the tensile strength of steel. Basalt rock fiber will withstand higher temperatures before weakening. Basalt rock fiber's high temperature tolerance can be utilized in combination with development of a resin matrix that can withstand comparable Tg (glass transition temperature) to Basalt fiber.
Basalt Rock Rebar is a non-corrosive concrete reinforcement similar to KODIAK E-CR Fiberglass Glass Rebar. BFRP rebar is made with Basalt rock fiber & used as a steel alternative in the same applications as KODIAK's standard E-CR Fiberglass Rebar (GFRP).
When concrete faces exposure to environments containing: salt water/sea air, chlorine and other alkali chemicals. It does not corrode, weaken or discolor when structures are exposed to high alkali environments even with minimal concrete coverage. Kodiak BFRP Rebar has less than a quarter of the weight and greater than twice the tensile strength of steel. BFRP rebar like GFRP Rebar, is electrically non-conductive, and non-magnetic, insulates against thermal transfer, and is transparent to (RF) radio frequency.

Natural Basalt Formation
Basalt raw

What is BASALT?

Basalt is igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava exposed at or very near the surface of the earths crust. Basalt fiber is produced in a single process needing no alterations or elemental additives. The process consists only of melting ingenious rock containing a specific mineral content found in a few specific areas. Basalt Fiber, unlike glass is a one component fiber that does not need any other materials added for production.  The Basalt rock is melted in a furnace at 1700 degrees Celsius for approximately 7-8 hours & formed by blowing fiber filament from it in the same way that glass fiber is made from silicate rock.

KODIAK Basalt Rock Rebar

Texas Manufacturing, Worldwide Distribution

BASALT REBAR - Cost & Properties

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The most critical Basalt rebar cost consideration is its weight per lineal foot. BFRP rebar has more than 300% greater linear footage per ton when compared to steel. BFRP rebar cost comparison should also acknowledge that the tensile strength is more than 200% its steel counterpart.  

Basalt Price


America Made Basalt Rebar

Basalt Rebar, Kodiak FRP PickMonk

Mechanical Properties -Basalt Rebar Tensile ( Table 6.1 )

The effective yield strength of FRP rebars should be calculated based on the following reduction factor, r
fye =Effective yield strength of FRP rebars fye = r fult
fult = Ultimate strength of FRP rebars obtained from the average, of a minimum of six samples of the same size or values given in Table 6.1

Basalt Test Value


American Made Basalt Rebar

Kodiak Basalt Tensile Test

Tensile & Module Properties

Tensile modulus 6 to 7.2 x 106 psi
Modulus of Elasticity > 8000 ksi
Compressive strength >60 ksi
Transverse Shear strength >20 ksi

Design Bond & Absorption

Bond strength* >1,200 psi / *Grit-Coat >2,200 psi
CTE :5.2x 10-6 IN. In./°C Specific gravity <2.0 Yield >100,000 psi Density <0.074 lb/in.3 Water absorption <0.25%  Fiber Content >70%


Bond Dependent coefficient …. k=0.9 Per ASTM / ACI equation 8-9
Glass Fiber Content …. >70% by weight per ASTM D2854
Transverse Shear Strength …. >18 ksi per ASTM D7617 & ACI440.3R
Moisture Absorption … <0.25%  ASTM D570 24 hr absorption @ 144F(50C)


American Made Basalt Rebar

American Made Basalt Rebar

American Concrete Institute (per/ ACI 440 Specification) Guaranteed Basalt Rebar Strength

ACI 440.1R-06 Guide for the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars

Basalt Guaranteed Value