Basalt Rock Rebar – Lunar Sidewalk

Kodiak FRP Rebar

KODIAK FIBERGLASS & BASALT Rock Rebar, United States Original US FRP Rebar, Made in The USA Since 1984 -
Developed by Kodiak FRP Founder, Leroy W Heston - Houston Tx -

Kodiak Basalt Rock Rebar

PISCES "Lunar Sidewalk" in Hilo Hawaii with Kodiak Basalt Rock Rebar (Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer)

Basalt is a vastly abundant material throughout the universe.  KODIAK Basalt Rock Rebar is naturally non-corrosive concrete reinforcement used as an upgrade to steel steel rebar in applications where concrete is in an environment with: salt water/sea air, chlorine & alkali chemicals. Basalt Rock Rebar does not corrode, weaken or discolor when structures are exposed to high alkali environments even with minimal concrete coverage. KODIAK Basalt Rock Rebar is less than 25% the weight of steel rebar & greater than twice the tensile strength of steel. It is also electrically Non-Conductive, Non-magnetic,  insulates against thermal transfer, & is transparent to (RF) radio frequency.

USA Manufacturing, Fabrication & Distribution

All Kodiak Rebar (Fiberglass & Basalt), Made in the USA.

Manufactured & Fabricated in Houston, Texas. Kodiak FRP Rebar is distributed nationwide.Kodiak FRP Rebar can be ordered from your local concrete supply warehouse or rebar distributor in any state. 

International orders can only be placed directly with Kodiak FRP Rebar & will be shipped to the port of your preference.
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